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Engineering Education Webcast Series


Sensor measurement webcast

This free webcast series explores the latest solutions for hands-on learning that engages students and reinforces concepts to help students “do engineering” throughout the curriculum. Watch these webcasts to see how educators integrate teaching solutions based on NI industry-standard tools into their courses.

Discover the possibilities for incorporating real-world learning experiences in the classroom and laboratory.

DAQ Basics and Terminology

Keynote: Do Engineering & Redefining Student Design Introducing myRIO

In this webcast you'll get an overview of innovative technologies to deliver practical, hands-on experience in curriculum that prepare students for careers in industry and research. Learn how NI myRIO, a revolutionary embedded hardware device, allows students to “do engineering” and design real systems faster than ever.

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Keynote "Do Engineering"—Unleashing the Next Generation of System Designers 
 Redefining Student Design: Introducing NI myRIO


Measurements and Instrumentation

Allow students to experience electrical or physical phenomena with hands-on exercises using real-world data with these two webcasts:

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    Teaching Students to Master DAQ With Scalable Measurement Solutions
    Developing Hands-On Lab Exercises From Simple Measurements to Instrument Design



    RF and Communications

    Introduce software defined radios as a hands-on platform into your wireless and digital communications courses.

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      Enhancing Wireless & Digital Communication Education via Hands-On Labs With Software Defined Radio
      Moving From Classroom to Lab to Career With Software Defined Radio



      Circuits and Electronics

      Learn how to give students a seamless path from textbook to lab by integrating a SPICE simulation environment with hardware instrumentation.

        Watch on Demand:

        Enhancing Circuits Education From Homework Theory to Laboratory Investigation
        Enhancing Student Learning in Online and On-Site Courses in Circuits and Electronics


        Controls, Robotics and Mechatronics

        See how hands-on experience with the entire control design process readies students for engineering careers and reinforces concepts using an integrated platform.

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          Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Students in Controls Education
          Bridging From Controls Courses to Final-Year Design