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ESD entry

Useful information about ESD entry at our company


What is ESD?

Electrostatic Discharge is a quick electric charge flow between two objects with different energy levels. This process cannot be noticed by humans. These electrostatic charges could be generated by rubbing or by separating two objects.


Why do we care about it?

Because at NI, we work with sensitive components and these charges could damage our products.

In order to assure the appropriate quality the products, we use the IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards. At the entrances of the ESD protected areas (EPA), there is an ESD entry system. In order to avoid the damage occurence the system checks if the ESD safety equipments can conduct the electric charge to the ground.

To make the entrance easier, we suggest our visitors to wear practical, comfortable clothes and footwear. ESD equipments cannot be used on high heeled and high-topped footwear. Wearing slippers, sandals and stockings are not recommended either.


ESD entry process:

  1. Step on the electrode boards with the proper ESD footwear with both feet.
  2. Hold your badge to the card reader. (Successful identification will be indicated by a sound signal.)
  3. Press and hold (strongly) the lower section of the right button on the tester for approx. 2 seconds, and wait until the LED indicator and badge reader change to green.
    After the green light goes on on the tester, you have 1 minute to go through the revolving gate.
  4. Hold your badge card over the card reader on the revolving gate. When the green LED light goes on, go through the gate.


Electrode boards

The tester


Revolving gate


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