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Tomasz Kachnic, Applications Engineering Manager, Eastern Europe

“I joined the Summer Engineering Internship Program when I was an engineering student. The environment I’ve been exposed to ever since, brought my engineering knowledge to a higher level, and now I can approach technical projects systematically, set my own deadlines and follow them strictly. I’ve worked on projects based on measurement, control, and radio frequency modulations. Thanks to the mentorship of experienced Applications Engineers, I was able to learn quickly and use the knowledge in practical projects that involved both hardware and software. This dynamic environment is a perfect place to learn new technologies, which will also help me in my future career at National Instruments. People are open and helpful, this is a part of something we call „NI culture”. I wish everyone had the opportunity to feel it!”


Márton Litkei, Direct Sales Manager

“A couple of months before receiving my master's degree, I joined NI and I had no doubt that I wanted to continue my career in the NI Engineering Leadership Program after my graduation. The engineering knowledge I gained at NI is invaluable, I could challenge myself in most types of applications across numerous domains from household appliances to particle physics. Due to the rapidly expanding organization opportunities to improve processes and teamwork open every day, I can control my career path according to my own preferences and focus more on management related tasks. Because of my job I have visited a hundred companies at minimum, so although NI is my first workplace, I have a comparison and I can tell: I haven't found a better and more fun place to work.”


Marta Seweryn, Event Manager

"Having an engineering degree and wide experience in event organizing I joined NI’s Marketing Team. I was looking for challenging opportunities in a dynamic environment to develop myself further and NI has given me even more than this. My success and performance is very much supported by strong team work and a great manager. I am working with passionate people and I learned so much. The job is very rewarding. I wish everyone could come and see what does it mean to be a part of the NI family. I am happy to be here and doing my work with pleasure. So maybe we will meet once at NIDays, the biggest industry conferences organized by National Instruments, series of seminars across the region, multiple webinars that we conduct or international tradeshows. It is all hard work and so many memorable moments in the same time."



Tamás Román, Technical Sales Representative

"I joined NI for the first time as a member of the Summer Engineering Internship Program. The training and the helpful and welcoming environment of coworkers helped me to deepen my knowledge in engineering, develop my communication skills and learn how to cooperate effectively on projects with others. After the internship ended I had a chance to use the experience I gathered at NI in multiple projects, both at my university and finally as a developer engineer. After rejoining NI as a full time employee I am still surprised how every day brings a new and exciting challenge. I think nothing shows it more than the fact that after working as an Applications Engineer, I got a chance to try myself in the Technical Sales Representative position. What’s next? I really don’t know but I cannot wait to see it."