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People and Culture

Why work at NI?

Why you should join us, besides the challenging work and the salary that comes with it? Read below, to learn more about our values, benefits, culture and people

Our culture and values are ingrained in the work we do and the environment we work in. They stem from constant respect for people, honesty and integrity, dedication to our customers as well as commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We also listen to our employee’s ideas and suggestions- after all who knows their roles and can suggest improvements better than them.


We don’t offer strict career paths or directive training. Instead training opportunities and career paths are yours to drive and develop at National Instruments. You will receive initial training for your role which will equip you with everything you need to get started, then it is up to you. With superior employee development; each employee can tailor a development plan for their own needs.


We strongly believe that a job’s value is not only measured by the salary it comes with but also the day to day enjoyment and satisfaction you feel when coming to work. Therefore NI offers you multiple benefits along side your basic salary. Many of these benefits are shared among branches but there are some local differences.

 Read more about what benefits are available.


We are also proud to work at a company that  makes a positive impact by doing what it does best—applying engineering expertise toward critical societal  issues and equipping engineers with tools that accelerate innovation and discovery.
Through its employees, customers, business practices, and mission, NI is changing the way engineers address the biggest challenges we face today.


NI works toward the long-term success of its key stakeholders and society through four focus areas for creating shared value:
empowering engineers and scientists, inspiring and preparing the innovators of tomorrow, fostering an open and innovative work environment for all employees, and minimizing the company’s environmental impact.

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